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Added instructions to get Terracotta integration working
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fixed tests
Checkstyle error fix
Allowing for some keys to being read...
Handling the case where the agent isn't found (like in mvn env.)
Since we can't seem to put 1000 elements to disk, try with 500
Fixed SizeOfAgent class dep in AgentSizeOf
fixed tests
fixed EE build
fixed missing ${basedir} breaking build in reactor mode
Merged CacheManager Pool / RMP-565 / MemoryBased tuning branch -r3831:4279
  1. … 218 more files in changeset.
Merged 4157:4276 from trunk
  1. … 17 more files in changeset.
updated pinning doc
Move algorithm description into separate section
Yet more room for the writter thread to get interrupted... also added a more verbose assertion failure message
Yet more time in the test for stuff to be flushed to disk... and eternal
Giving some more time for the disk to reach its expected size
use dedicated striped locks for FrontEndCacheTier
fix some incorrect wiring in the CacheConfiguration class (typos?)
Increased the max amount we expect to see...
Fixed test for slow disks
add fill(Element) operation
fixed more timing failures
replaced Thread.sleep() with RetryAssert
accounted for slow disks + fixed programmatic test config
Some doc fixes
Fixed apt parsing
MNK-2569 MNK-2589 : merge 4259,4260 from trunk
MNK-2569 MNK-2589 : merge 4259,4260 from trunk
checkstyle fix for 4259