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update findbugs plugin version, removed unused settings
removed unused property
EHC-856: changes for Maven 3 compatibility. Added profile 'site' to do antrun stuff during site building
Use constants defined in parent class
another checkstyle fix (having a bad check-style morning)
removing test main() method that I should have removed before checking in!
DEV-6063 : Test SizeOf on different JVMs - sizeof now working for IBM 64-bit JVM with and without reference compression.
DEV-6023 Removed FrontEndCacheTier.isEvictionCandidate and moved logic to appropriate places, using the RegisteredEventListener.getFrontEndCacheTier - still ugly, but somewhat less...
MNK-2733 Elements that can't be written to disk will be evicted from the FrontEndCacheTier's cached and an eviction notification will be fired
MNK-2792 Added test and proper check for letting someone set both maxBytes & maxEntries on a tier, when the config isn't being used by a running cache
MNK-2792 Only test for maxSize/maxEntries mixes when the configuration is setup
DEV-6094 : ensure all StripedReadWriteLock instances are also CacheLockProviders
more fixes for jrockit sizeof testing.
DEV-6054 Auto overflow to lower tier also when a maxSize for that tier is configured at the cache level
Make sure you can't switch from size-based to count-based, or the other way
EHC-875 Check whether a defaultCache is present before checking whether it is clustered
DEV-6023 Proper handling of pinned tiers on eviction
DEV-6023 Only notify if cache isn't pinned FOR REAL!
DEV-6023 Backing off, adding new removeIfStoreNotPinned method instead
DEV-6023 Disk store pinning
DEV-6023 Only notify if cache isn't pinned (otherwise, the element wasn't evicted)
Validate configuration wrt maxEntriesLocalHeap when size-based tuning is used
Fixed config validation check.

MNK-2756 : SizeOfTest.testOnHeapConsumption failed with an assert on JRockit
on second thought pass a null to these listeners instead of false element instance

Record perf test runs
applied EHCWEB-1 patch so the monkeys can have a go
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