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Remove build site commands
Deleted old apt site
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DEV-6191: ehcache-core-2.4.x branch, use nonstop for terracotta clustered event replication

MNK-2816 : make sure the in-memory size can never accidentally equal the serialized size
DEV-6186: getInMemorySizeInBytes() now uses the sizeof engine to size count-based caches
DEV-6104 One condition moved!
DEV-6104 Fixed issue with letting caches with OffHeap being added dynamically.
DEV-6177 : merge 4634 from trunk
DEV-6177 : update javadoc to explain USOE throw on read query
MNK-2821 Reverted the size disk store size to 1MB
MNK-2821 Added some room for the disk store and only query it's size once to do the math
DEV-6044: added sampling to on-heap cross-cache evictor
DEV-6082 Renamed maxElements* to maxEntries* and changed RMP-565 wording
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dev-6133, showing warning only for clustered cache
MNK-2845 : make remote debugger more timing tolerant
  1. /trunk/debugger/src/test/java/net/sf/ehcache/util
MNK-2846 : merge 4626 from trunk
MNK-2846 : install SO_REUSEADDR factory for this test
use TCCL in ReadWriteSerializationCopyStrategy

The universe shudders at my fury (remove unused import)
MNK-2844 : clean up this test a little
DEV-6082 Addition of the resource management stuff to ehcache & cache elements
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MNK-2834 Removed unused import
MNK-2834 Properly wait for entries to be flushed to disk...
DEV-6146: Hide CacheConfigurations for caches not added to the CacheManager

DEV-6108 Remove unnecessary cast & small clean up
Changes in support of new SampledCacheMBean features.

DEV-6104 Don't let add offheap overflowing caches to a offheap pool enabled CacheManager, if they aren't participating in that pool themselves
fixed checkstyle
DEV-6109: added logs when transient references are walked + changed continue and abort messages
DEV-6108 Don't allow setting maxEntriesLocalDisk when cache is terracotta clustered, but force usage of maxElementsOnDisk instead