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Fix pom to work with trunk
toolkit2: merge from trunk
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remove empty dir
unused imports
toolkit2: aligning toolkit version
toolkit2: test fixes : identity caches not supported with toolkit2
DEV-7119: refactoring diskstore path, merge from 2.6.x
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Javadoc : filterClass returns false if the class has to be filtered out, true if it is not filtered,

reviewed by Chris Dennis

unused import
test fixed, allow access to the same diskstore path manager to serve the purpose of the test
only run this test in windows
removed site configurations that no longer used
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don't expose internal method
changes merged into 2.6.x
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fixed compile
DEV-7119: refactoring diskstore path
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removed extra dependencies, using hamcrest and junit-dep doesn't require depedency on junit
toolkit2: embedded config support + event listener cleanup on cache removal + test fixes
removed unused method and fixed comments
changes from reviews
toolkit2: minor fixes
test fix
toolkit2: fix compilation error
fixed test by not accessing store directly
toolkit2: javadoc cleanup
toolkit2: adding client shutdown
toolkit2: clear listeners on shutdown clustered instance factory fix
Moved parent to internal

Update versions
Gladstone branch
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