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fix monkeys
mnk-3947, reduce loop count to avoid PermGen OOME
create pre toolkit2 merge branch ehcache-os - copy trunk@r6109

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fixed checkstyle
MNK-3930: merged DEV-6967 fix from trunk
MNK-3954: Merged r36289

mnk-3947, skipping known deamon threads
mnk-3946, filter should be with-in writeLock
generics review comments ehcache-os
Generics review comments ehcache-os
Merged r36275 and r36277

Delete RC branch
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update TestCategories - remove dups

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DEV-7995 : fixed various security inconstistencies in the TMS, now IA, SSL with (needClientAuth) or without certificates are not tied anymore
MNK-3931: Merged r36235

MNK-3927 Merged r6130 from 2.5.x branch, so jdk 1.5 64bit test have sufficient headroom
MNK-3927 JDK 1.5 64bit requires more headroom
Calm down CheckStyle
MNK-3928 Merged r5297 from trunk, this test shouldn't run on JDK1.5
skip checkstyle for tests os

Additional flyweights
enable rejoin for ehcache rejoin enabled cacheManagers

INT-1857 - updated for 2.5.4
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MNK-3926 : checkstyle fix
MNK-3926 : merge 6120 from trunk
MNK-3926 : merge 6120 from trunk
MNK-3926 : don't assume anything about disk performance
MNK-3894 : merge 6117 from trunk
MNK-3894 : merge 6117 from trunk