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fix warning
This instance of <relativePath/> is wrong and needs to go.

Put <relativePath/> back in based on feedback from Hung.

Remove bad <relativePath> elements.
Restored local size limit.
On second though, just disable evictions and be merry.

Cap writing thread to max entries in cache.
Remove bad <relativePath> element from ehcache-core POM.
merge trunk from nonstop-rejoin branch
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pvt nonstop small fix
pvt nonstop merge from trunk
fix non stop wrapper
pvt nonstop nonstop sync wrapper impl
pvt: rejoin--> fixing npe in tests
pvt nonstop fix
use latest
nonstop branch sync up from trunk
pvt disable nonstop listener
fix Java 1.5 compile
merge from trunk
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CR-717: Toolkit 2.0 Search cleanup

CR-717: Toolkit 2.0 Search cleanup

allow file activation for devmode
more logging, bigger heap
use the ?oracle? coordinates for the servlet api and make the scope provided
pvt nonstop config cleanup
pvt: use noop for localReads mutate ops

DEV-8297 Cleanup log messages, more rigourous concurrent disallow, better exception handling.
pvt nonstop clusteredsafestore let nonstopex pass through
thread local way for registering