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ToolkitFeature API added
little bit of cleanup and poc testing
Rename Live to Core
Some stats stuff.
DEV-8590: Increase server start script heap size to 1g
replace ARC stats with the new framework
create statistics dev branch
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fixed TMS-L2-L1 IA bridging
mnk-4212, cache.removeAll() is not sync with other cache operation
mnk-4214, fixing pinning related tests
remove old nonstop and rejoin impl
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disable test for now

disable test for now

CR-729 final comments
handle comments
fix enum
Tag vicente-tp2 from vicente-tp2-rc branch
Tag ehcache-parent-vicente-tp2 from ehcache-parent-vicente-tp2-rc branch
RC branch for Vicente TP2
RC branch for Vicente TP2
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DEV-8297 remove dependency on org.terracotta.* for TP2
call begin always
stop exposing non stop manager
rejoin:Disabling test
fix warning
This instance of <relativePath/> is wrong and needs to go.

Put <relativePath/> back in based on feedback from Hung.

Remove bad <relativePath> elements.
Restored local size limit.
On second though, just disable evictions and be merry.