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rename some classes
add implementations for accessing derived statistics
adapt to the latest stats framework changes
DEV-8467 Replacing ThreadLocal with VicariousThreadLocal, can't assume system CL anymore here
DEV-8467 Moved jsr166 stuff to better match what we had already
  1. … 5 more files in changeset.
DEV-8467 Added jsr166 stuff
add necessary accessor methods to ExtendedStatistics
add stats interfaces to ExtendedStatistics
More fun. 50 errors left.
More Fun!
More fun.
Less than 250 errors. A mountain climbed?
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add some more statistics observers
Works marginaly more, in that there are <400 errors. Compile Errors.
Well. This is broken.
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add Ehcache specific statistic builder
MNK-4218: improved XA test logging
mnk-4166, mnk-4214 related fixes
mnk-4166, mnk-4214 related fixes
ToolkitFeature API added
little bit of cleanup and poc testing
Rename Live to Core
Some stats stuff.
DEV-8590: Increase server start script heap size to 1g
replace ARC stats with the new framework
create statistics dev branch
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fixed TMS-L2-L1 IA bridging
mnk-4212, cache.removeAll() is not sync with other cache operation