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some small changes for starting to make ehcache non stop on startup
compile fixes for test-framework changes

  1. … 2025 more files in changeset.
CacheManagerSampler doodad update.
Forgot two files.

Feel the burn. No pain no gain. More stats fun.
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MNK-4264: Add a min heap setting
More joyful mass murdering of stats code.
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MNK-4245: Logged the mismatch in eviction events to cache size.
Moved test to toolkit-ee-system-tests
MNK-4260 left this one
MNK-4260 wrap transactional store in nonstop store
add tests for statistic ttd and enable/disable
handle legal missing statistics
add queries for basic cache operations
Comment, eh.
Some plumbing.
extended the timebomb
I don't think this was meant to be checked-in like this.

initial TTD implementation for statistics
MNK-4244: This check isn't valid anymore.
create clustered store asynchronously
increase heap size with on-heap tests
compile fixes
add ability to extract counts from the Operation statisitics
Op Outcomes.
Add compounded extended operations and refactor some of the other extended statistics
Op Outcomes.
Fix put operation outcomes.