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bufferFull return false always
small fix

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  1. /branches/osgi-work/ehcache-osgi/src/test
  2. /branches/osgi-work/dependencies-bundle/src
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osgi work

osgi work

DEV-8467 Removing more stuff I left around
DEV-8467 Removing stuff I left around
clean-up some checkstyle errors
DEV-8467 Bye bye MemoryOnlyStore
merge latest changes from trunk
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fix local methods
fix local read when toolkit not init
DEV-8778 handle nonstoptoolkit exception fot toolkit subtypes
ehcache non stp start up
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Turn of magic mbean
Well, we are closer. 6 checkstyle errors left. 1 is Not Our Problem. 5 are cleanup for Chris.
Well, Null is still a pain in the ass about javadoc
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extended the timebomb
updated for 2.6.3

disable on-save eclipse actions (mainly adding @Override) for ehcache-core as we haven't arrived to a consensus yet

fix eclipse warnings (237 to 59)

Merge r6759

Don't use a restartable long sequence for non-restartable searchable caches
merge 6757
persist element ID sequences in metadata log
re-enable this test, fix observer types in LruMemoryStore
merge latest changes from trunk
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a performance optimization in MemoryStore, and use type method