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remove async init of jmx registration
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MNK-4296 No need to try to allocate that much mem really, afaict at least
One final rename
I am prostrate before the god of checkstyle
DEV-8297 Minor changes to scheduled rerfresh to reflect review with gluck.
merge latest changes from trunk
Fix mbean init
MNK-4300 No need to get to the authority anymore here
use toolkit serializer for ehcache keys

Expunge clearStatistics.
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Updated for 3.6.6
not my before-TC experimentation anymore !
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osgi toolkit-runtime
  1. /branches/osgi-work/toolkit-runtime/src/main/java
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  2. /branches/osgi-work/toolkit-runtime/.settings
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fix copy paste error
put ehcache-core back in the root pom - got removed accidentally
merge latest changes from trunk
fix most of the checkstyle issues
integrate with clustered caching - some tests still need reworking/cleanup - and I need to cleanup the shadow cache context wiring - also checkstyle is likely broken
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fix bulk load listener
DEV-8710: merged from trunk

merge latest changes from trunk
Tag ehcache-core-2.6.3 from 3.7.3-rc branch
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Delete ehcache-core-2.6.3 tag to retag.
Set compiler source and target levels to 1.5
MNK-4289 disable nonstop for initialization thread
MNK-4311 fix make sure cache is initialized before calculating lock count
Fix /configs service.