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revert serializer changes + non sync lock changes
merge latest changes from trunk
MNK-4228 Actually merged MNK-4297 from trunk
MNK-4297 Looks like some MNKs need a bit more time when doing disk IO
DEV-8359 Refactor cache state handling

Move dispose method to AbstractTestCacheWriter

Make throwIfDisposed use isInitialized

fix mnks failing with timeout - use out of band notifications for BulkNodeEnabledNodeSet
DEV-8840: better documented delegation mechanism and fixed some security bug by not using String to wrap password
DEV-8359 Make isDisposed boolean volatile in TestCacheWriter
DEV-8359 Reorder dispose operations: dispose cacheWriterManager before disposing registered CacheWriter

Adapt TestCacheWriter to show issue with previous ordering

Store doesnt extend Cache
merge latest changes from trunk
  1. … 55 more files in changeset.
clean-up shadow cache wiring - and wire in some more operation stats
EHC-980 Got rid of pinning
  1. … 34 more files in changeset.
Tag ehcache-core-2.5.7 from 3.6.6-rc branch
  1. … 1091 more files in changeset.
EHC-980 Slowly getting rid of pinning
DEV-8194 Spelling. is != os.
DEV-8194 tweak cache writer config test
DEV-8194 tweak error message
DEV-8042 Rename/rework a bit of refresh ahead per gluck feedback
merge latest changes from trunk
some clustered context query fixes
nuke intellij files
CDV-1636 Remove invalid javadoc comment about Element statie in CacheEventListener.notifyElementExpired
remove async init of jmx registration
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MNK-4296 No need to try to allocate that much mem really, afaict at least
One final rename
I am prostrate before the god of checkstyle
DEV-8297 Minor changes to scheduled rerfresh to reflect review with gluck.