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MNK-5202 : monkey machines timing induced false failure : pushing timeout by a second
mnk-5169, merge 7659 in 2.7.x
mnk-5169, lockHolder for async
Merge fix from trunk
Fix tests
Merge DEV-9849 from trunk
DEV-9849 add support for http tcurl
Merge of r7616, r7622, r7643, r7644, r7645, r7648 (Clustered scheduled refresh enablement/fixes)

Merge from r7606 (RefreshAhead stats)

DEV-8724 Checkstyle hatred/screwup.
DEV-8724 Clustered Scheduled refresh test revisions.
DEV-8724 Clsutered Scheduled refresh test config file.
DEV-8724 Clsutered Scheduled refresh test harness, disabled.
DEV-8724 Check in scheduled refresh test in ehcache system tests. Brings in a dep on quartz. Test currently turned off, sice there seems to be a clustered quartz issue.
Rev 7646 merged from trunk.
ExpirationListenerTest fixed.
DEV-8724 Fix spacing before cheeckstyle shoots me.
DEV-8724 Clustered quartz fixes. Add cluster flag and auto instance id for clustered job store factory.
DEV-8724 Fix for property propagation typo.
merge 7641 from trunk/ehcache-os
run time in seconds
merge 7639 from trunk/ehcache-os
set max runtime for derby process as long as the junit test
MNK-5171 Merge fix from trunk
MNK-5132 : merge 7634 from trunk
MNK-5132 : merge 7634 from trunk
MNK-5132 : merge 7634 from trunk
MNK-5132 : rework to avoid masking failures
upgrade derby
upgrade derby