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Bump Jetty version.

Upgrade for CVE's for TAB-7949, TAB-7950, TAB-7951, TAB-7941

De-link management-core and security versions from trunk.

TAB-7898: upgrade Jetty for CVE-2020-27216

TAB-7898: upgrade Jetty for CVE-2020-27216

Merge of r11470 from tc-4.3.8 for TAB-7903.

TAB-7903: use context classloader when handling JMX envocations to keep REST agent isolated from parent classloaders.

Creating branches for 4.3.9 and updating trunk to 4.3.10
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Upgrade Jetty for CVE's.

Bump management-core for CVE's.

Bump management-core.

Upgrade to newest forge-parent to remove SAGFinder.

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Fixup checkstyle: don't fail on error/warning or print to console

TAB-7817: dump sag_finder

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Fix up jboss config.

Upgrade security version for TAB-7810.

Upgrade management-core.version

TAB-7772 : Don't delegate service resource files to the 'outside' loader

(merge 11186 from trunk)

TAB-7730: Java 11

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Branches for 4.3.8 and trunk to 4.3.9
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Merge from trunk to pick up latest updates
Merge from trunk to pick up latest updates
Merge 11142 from trunk (metadata) - svn sucks
Merge 11142 from trunk : JBoss EAP uses a substantially different classloading setup - no need for the jboss-web.xml
TAB-7463 Update maven-bundle-plugin version
Merge from trunk to pick up latest updates
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TAB-7463 Updates for toolkit-api and clustered-entity-management
Reverting log4j2 changes in r11055