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EHC-1151: merge fix from trunk
EHC-1142 Fix localHeapRemoveCount

Was using localOffHeapRemove by mistake

EHC-1137 Use slf4j placeholders in DefaultSizeOfEngine
EHC-1132 Return loaded value in case getQuiet misses

When the loaded value is null, it is possibly caused by the value being

present in cache, so the getQuiet on null load result is important.

Did also a javadoc edit, as a null returned by the loader never makes it

into the cache.

CG: sizeof Issue #45: Make tests work with Java 8
EHC-1128 Free DiskMarker during inline eviction
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10178 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10172 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
TAB-5273 Improve wording in character limitation comments

Merged rev 10098 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x

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    • +3
TAB-5273 merge rev 10050 from /branches/ehcache-2.8.x
    • -1
    • +5
EHC-1115 : merge 10029 from trunk
EHC-1108 Fix potential dead lock when "last" write thread sees a full queue

* Adapted from branches/ehcache-core-2.6.x@9965

TAB-6027: merge fix from trunk
TAB-5593 Javadoc typo
re-create branch for 4.0.8-rc build
  1. … 2124 more files in changeset.
TAB-5757: merge test fixes from trunk
TAB-5757: merge fix from trunk
use 4.0.8 snapshot
Revert to 4.0.7 snapshot to build
TABINF-3974: re-create branch for 4.0.7-rc build
  1. … 2122 more files in changeset.
Merged r9470

EHC-1089 merge revisions 9455 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
Fix test
[TAB-4789] Fixing memory leaks due to RuntimeCfg objects in Configuration class
TAB-4824 : Fixing AutoMerge Issues
TAB-4824 : Fixing the resizing logic in Cache and CacheManager
TABINF-3984 Merge rev 9376 from 4.0.6_fix1 to apply TABINF-3880 and TABINF-3883 from 4.1 branch
TAB-4986: removing project settings file
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TAB-4986 move sag-finder to sag-deps profile
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