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Merge 11142 from trunk (metadata) - svn sucks
Merge 11142 from trunk : JBoss EAP uses a substantially different classloading setup - no need for the jboss-web.xml
upgrading parent for toolchains support, 1.6 default
TAB-7214: Fix for memory leak when disposing Cache.

committing branches for 4.1.11 release
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EHC-1151: merge fix from trunk
TAB-7292: merge TAB-7219 fix from trunk
committing branches for 4.1.10 and updates for 4.1.11
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EHC-1142 Merge 10580 from branches/2.7.x
TAB-7221 Throw NPE with explicit message on null cache in decorator
TAB-6789: shutdown the original clustered cache manager's toolkit once the last clustered cache manager gets shut down.
Changed index-based for loop for for each loop
Fixed problems with commit number 10500
committing branches for 4.1.9
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TAB-6789: TMC is showing no cache manager once first CM is stoped when multiple CM configured
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TAB-7121 Remove node locks taken for dead nodes during rejoin

Ensures that locks taken for dead nodes while recovering pending async

writes during rejoin processing are properly released after recovery is


EHC-1137 Merge 10456 from branches/ehcache-2.7.x
EHC-1132 merge branches/ehcache-2.7.x@10397
Fix build: CG: Resolve test failures for OSGi tests and arbitary ordering differences
Fix build: CG: Cope with order of results - changed due to transition from Java 8 to Java 7
CG: sizeof Issue #45: Make tests work with Java 8
EHC-1128 Merge rev 10325 from branches/ehcache-2.7.x
committing branches for 4.1.8
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EHC-1124 Merge rev 10217 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10177 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x
TAB-6284 Merge rev 10171 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x
TABINF-4115: committing branches for 4.1.7
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TABQA-7624: Fixing faulty unit tests veryfying the wrong error message
TAB-5273 Improve wording in character limitation comments

Merged rev 10097 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x

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TAB-5273 merge rev 10049 from /branches/ehcache-2.9.x
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