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TAB-6248 Clean up unused imports (duh!)
TAB-6284 Write overflowToOffHeap property always when set

The CacheConfiguration.isOverflowToOffHeap property has a companion

property: CacheConfiguration.isOverflowToOffHeapSet. When writing

configuration, the overflowToOffHeap attribute must be present in XML

if explicitely set in the configuration instance.

EHC-1115 : merge 10029 from trunk
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EHC-1108 Fix potential dead lock when "last" write thread sees a full queue

* Fix ported from trunk@9964

  1. ./test/java/net/sf/ehcache/writer/writebehind
TAB-5593 Javadoc typo
TAB-5757: manually merge test fixes from trunk
TAB-5757: manually merge fix from trunk
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TAB-4946: Oracle Clean JavaDocs
EHC-1079 Merge from trunk: c9063,9063,9088
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TABQA-7334 Change MemoryStore stats average window for tests so that it keeps up with faster execution

Cleaned up test slowing as a result

ENG-1147: fix ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to net.sf.ehcache.transaction.SoftLockID + prevent 'pinning leaks'
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ENG-1147: prevent more 'pinning leaks'
ENG-1147: reset the clock evictor's accessed flag to true when a pinned element is being removed
MNK-6090 Slow down test ... ARC auto balance needs time to see moving averages
MNK-5798 Break useless test hierarchy
DEV-9368: ignore test until it is rewritten
MNK-5725 Fix formatting
MNK-5725 Make Elements eternal as we test eviction not expiry
MNK-5685 Use a retryAssert for greaterThan assert and give them more time to succeed
ENG-471 Merged r8300 from trunk
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MNK-5664 Improve test setup
MNK-5664 Create CacheManager with programmatic config

Remove dead code

MNK-5659 Bump retry assert time
MNK-5659 Fix cascading failures
MNK-5656 Bailing out after two perfect matches... there is just too much that could be GC'ed, or allocated on heap (especially with 7, see JEP-122)
MNK-5447 MNK-5448 : merge 8273 from trunk
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fix checkstyle failure
ENG-419 Fix memory limit reached computation - merge ENG-228
MNK-5625 monkeys just need time, though were we just not told sleeping is bad?
MNK-5599 Merged r6019 from trunk, see DEV-7774
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