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ENG-482 ENG-483 ENG-502 ENG-503 Depend on released version of clustered-entity-management
merge from trunk up to r8412
ENG-488 Fix unit test that was triggering added exception
ENG-491 Read lock ClusteredCacheManager entity, create entity under write lock
merge from trunk up to r8407
ENG-488 CacheException when adding clustered Cache to non clustered CacheManager
ENG-591 Dispose ClusteredEntityManager during CacheManager shutdown
ENG-591 Change lock mechanism for marking cache in use and un-marking when disposing
merge from trunk up to r8396
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Revert "fixing check short for lifecycle branch"
ENG-484 ENG-489 Adapt to clustered-entity-management API changes
ENG-571 Only unlink active clustered caches - yes dispose is called on default cache
ENG-484 Explicit static call as class is from another jar
fixing check short for lifecycle branch
ENG-571 Use locking for ClusteredCache creation
ENG-490 Adapt to changes in ClusteredCache
ENG-571 Only unlink clustered caches - doh!
ENG-485 Minor rework of ClusteredCache linking
ENG-497 Integration test for Cache listing
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ENG-484 Add ToolkitCache name to ClusteredCache entity
ENG-484 ToolkitCache name creation moved to clustered-entity-manager
ENG-571 First attempt at read locking a clustered cache entity

Refactoring of entity creations

merge from trunk up to r8376
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ENG-496 Create basic integration test for listing a CacheManager
  1. ./system-tests/src/test/resources/lifecycle
fixing test
eng-485, extracting method
eng-484 adding cache data
merge from trunk upto r8361
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ENG-488 Add cache manager configuration to saved entity
Sync merge trunk up to change 8352
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