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pvt nonstop small fix
pvt nonstop merge from trunk
fix non stop wrapper
pvt nonstop nonstop sync wrapper impl
pvt: rejoin--> fixing npe in tests
pvt nonstop fix
nonstop branch sync up from trunk
pvt disable nonstop listener
merge from trunk
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pvt nonstop config cleanup
pvt: use noop for localReads mutate ops

pvt nonstop clusteredsafestore let nonstopex pass through
thread local way for registering
non-stop branch sync up with trunk
fix ehcache
pvt nonstop integration with ehcache
pvt nonstop: handle rejoin event
pvt : make checkstyle happy for now
pvt nonstop merge from trunk
use toolkit nonstop config, disable nonstop and rejoin in ehcache
pvt nonstop branch
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