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core is relocated now

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Next snapshot
Removed dependency on management-ehcache as it's now done through introspection.

This was causing a circular project dependency.

dropped compilation dependency on management classes
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implemented rest management config
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MNK-3213 : fix bug in heap usage calc and add more gc debugging to jrockit
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DEV-6558: cleaned up javadoc
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compile to 1.6
Update SNAPSHOT versions.
move to 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT
INT-1525: add 'fast' profile to skip javadoc, checkstyle

put back 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT for now, too early to branch
Ulloa branch ehcache-core-2.5.x
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rolling back OSGi changes

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add JUnit runner that allows selective pounding of ehcache-core tests
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correct urls
use surefire 2.10
INT-1455: Fix ehcache core tests to not run repeatedly

ignore checkstyle plugin for m2e

maven 2 can't support unbounded jdk range it seems

basic osgi headers for ehcache-core

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more m2e ignores
add build hostname to ehcache version log
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Added JMX interface for changing CacheManager pool sizes (not offheap).

Updated config generator to only generate valid configs, needing the CacheManager Configuration for that purpose.

Updated config generator to generate short form of elements not containing text content or child elements.

Update config generator test to check standalone,clustered,entry-based,size-based configs.

Updated maven-check-style plugin from v2.5 -> v2.7 for the purpose of configuring the MagicNumber rule to allow them in hashCode methods.

Added hashCode/equals methods to various config types for the purpose of not generating default values.

Changed CacheConfiguration to:

* order sanity checks from most general to least

* in configCachePools, to not try to resize an existing offheap pool

* to ensure that offHeapPoolUsage is None for a Terracotta-clustered cache

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used deployment info from parent
use released version of parent 2.3
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merge 4671 and 4672 from 2.4.x

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allow to skip javadoc

fixed wrong groupId
used new parent