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core is relocated now

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MNK-3231 : rework async RMI to use less heap
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merge 5107
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merge 5096

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update xml

added note to sizeOfPolicy that it has no effect on distributed caches as per DEV-6366
DEV-6356 : make overflowToDisk an non-required configuration element.
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DEV-6331 : cleanup the diff between these two files (because I'm just like that)
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DEV-6331 : Sample ehcache.xml in Ulloa kit appears to use the wrong param for sampleTerracottaCache - fixed several inconsistencies in the example config files.
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DEV-6082 Renamed maxElements* to maxEntries* and changed RMP-565 wording
DEV-6082 Addition of the resource management stuff to ehcache & cache elements
added SizeOfPolicy documentation
Amended to note that transactions require copyOnRead and copyOnWrite. This has been missing from the docs.
removed sentence claiming that nostop is on by default; added language to emphasize that it is off by default
fixed error where timeoutBehavior was still shown as an attribute instead of a sub-element with a 'type' attribute
allow props to be passed to attribute extractors (EHC-848)

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DEV:5745 seting ehcache xsd and xml default mode eventual
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minor fixes to cachewriter comments
documented element value comparator

Fix typo
Widespread documentation change
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merge 3598 from 2.4.x

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nonstop config example was missing an end tag (</nonstop>)
DEV-5309 Remove reference to storageStrategy in ehcache.xml comments

We are not officially supporting "classic" mode any more. Removing the storage srategy related documentation from ehcache.xml since we don't want users to change the defaults. The XSD still supports this element, but only for backwards compatibility.

update example

left out some doc changes

update doc, defaultCache config is no longer mandatory

remove "off" coherence mode, false translates to "non-strict"

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Fix up missing information about nonstop.
Code cleanup
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