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Deleted old apt site
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Clarify maxEntriesLocalHeap
Record perf test runs
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DOC-964 Fixed typo
Replaced trailing maxBytesOn* and maxElements*
DOC-964 Added some examples to the doc on sizing
removed reference to MAX_VALUE from faq
Doc tuning
DOC-964 Added doc on sizing
edits to help apt->markdown
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minor editing to help apt->md migration
changes to support apt->markdown
changes to support apt->markdown
changes to support apt->markdown
fixed apt tag errors
fixed missing renames
pinning config renames
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added a question re interrupting an app thread
Merged CacheManager Pool / RMP-565 / MemoryBased tuning branch -r3831:4279
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Move algorithm description into separate section
Some doc fixes
RMP-565 : updated configuration.apt for pooling eviction algorithm details
RMP-565 doc update
RMP-565 doc update
Apply changes
added info on support for nonstop caches
added faq item on deadlocked threads
minor edits
fixed doc-908