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Deleted old apt site
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Clarify maxEntriesLocalHeap
Record perf test runs
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DOC-964 Fixed typo
Replaced trailing maxBytesOn* and maxElements*
DOC-964 Added some examples to the doc on sizing
Doc tuning
DOC-964 Added doc on sizing
edits to help apt->markdown
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fixed apt tag errors
fixed missing renames
pinning config renames
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Merged CacheManager Pool / RMP-565 / MemoryBased tuning branch -r3831:4279
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Move algorithm description into separate section
Some doc fixes
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RMP-565 : updated configuration.apt for pooling eviction algorithm details
RMP-565 doc update
RMP-565 doc update
Apply changes
fixed toc in configuration doc; added notes re eternal overriding tti/ttl; minor layout and formatting fixes
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Config refinements. Add maxElementsInCache and localCacheEnabled
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Move 2.5 configuration changes into standard config page. Finish off memory based tuning design. Remove unneeded ant task.
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Documentation Cleanup
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Widespread documentation change
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Enable generation of documentation as a PDF which now gets done in the pre-site phase.
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Updated to include documentation on how to disable updateChecker
Complete copyOnRead and copyOnWrite documentation, ehcache.xml and javadoc.
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EHC-676 For Greg to review
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docs and change css
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