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Widespread documentation change
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site changes
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Site changes
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Bolding/highlighting for titles in bubbles. (CSS and XHTML crucial! make note of the <span> tags used)
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APIs caption is more profound. Tabs can now handle varying text length better. Editions fading has been completely re-written to have robustness in mind and as such no text is overlapping.
Editions descriptions now correct again. Changed back accidently in last commit.
Missing hyperlinks added to APIs along with fading issues resolved with editions tab.
Site update
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Spelling errors fixed in marquee, APIs now has fully featured linking and appropriate text. Editions now has correct descriptions.
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popup for API now utilises HTML stored in invisible divs on the index page (right down the bottom in the code)
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Updates made to CSS for popup bubble and easier IE6 integration. Updates to flash documents for various tabs included.
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Changes made from meeting Friday 16th. Modified parent frame, fading transition, editions now has fading text.
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Additional support images and working/raw documents
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Minor fixes to deduce the cause of unfavourable behavour with API diagram. Popup now resembles a bubble.
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Improvements made on tab parent and marquee as per email. Hyperlinks now work with Editions tab.
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Flash Related content - First functional content for APIs and Editions. Both integrating JS calls from As3.
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Main Tabbed Parent can now be initialised via html utilising a psuedo array setup.

Marquee animation is up to date as per email - colour changes, replay added, and other slight textual changes.

Update Flash based content - minor detail and plumbing code - Ben
Updated dimensions for marquee to suit content and added a template to view flash content.
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TabParent.swf example for the marque - Ben
Flash Marquee files