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TAB-7250 Fix quickstart link
ENG-1003 merge rev 8647 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
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DEV-8920 Remove duplicated ehcache.(xsd|xml)

Adapt distribution pom to copy files from ehcache-core to expected kit location

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EHC-981 Bye bye PinningConfiguration.Store#LOCALHEAP
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DEV-8655/DEV-8315: wired together nonstop configuration and the Search API in toolkit. The search timeout will be retrieved from NonStopConfigurationRegistry. If the search timeout was not set in NonStopConfigurationRegistry, it will be retrieved from ehcache configurration (such as ehcache.xml). If the search timeout was not set in ehcache configuration, the default search timeout will be used.
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DEV-8655/DEV-8315 Non Stop search timeout: added a new config setting for search timeout.
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DEV-7977 : reintegrate Ehcache statistics dev branch
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DEV-8812 Add new non stop mode at ehcache level (localReadsAndExceptionOnWrites)

Added to xsd and config code

Added to NonStopStoreWrapper and created implementation of TerracottaStore

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implement new configuration rules for diskPersistent and overflowToDisk
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added clustered examples
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