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TABINF-4041: Branching for October2015 release
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TABINF-3996 Fix property name: toolkit-runtime.version became terracotta.version
TABINF-3996 Use released version of tc-maven-plugin and add required dependencies
TABINF-3917 / TABINF-3918 : committing branches for 4.2 / ehcache-2.9.x and corresponding updates to trunk.
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update version
elcipse changes
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TAB-4510 Update links to match latest doc version
TAB-3351 Merge rev 8848 from branches/ehcache-2.7.x
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CRQ-305: filtering maven properites in README.html
only express dependency on javadoc in the absent of skipJavadoc
allow missing javadoc
ENG-1004 delete with-tc profile
ENG-1003 merge rev 8647 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
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    • +2
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ENG-179: upgrade to jetty 8.1.12
use forge plugin to get SNAPSHOT filename instead of timestamp one
INT-2461: removing Oracle Jars from ehcache colorcache module.
INT-2437 : oracle free the ehcache events sample code
Reverted Hung's stuff... yes, it is personal\!. Took some other approach (exclusion in smoke tests of IntegrationTests, which are currently part of Ehcache's unit test suit)
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DEV-9891: upgrade jetty
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add smoketests profile and mark some random tests as SmokeTests
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Branch for Valencia.
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rework the poms/shade/bundle/javadoc plugins to remove unnessary steps and warnings
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DEV-8920 Remove duplicated ehcache.(xsd|xml)

Adapt distribution pom to copy files from ehcache-core to expected kit location

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DEV-9212 Delete no longer used properties and unnecessary versions
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DEV-9212 Create plugin management section in ehcache-root
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Use release version of forge-parent and ehcache-parent.
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Gautam made me do it
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Branch for Vicente FCS.
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EHC-981 Bye bye PinningConfiguration.Store#LOCALHEAP
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DEV-8655/DEV-8315: wired together nonstop configuration and the Search API in toolkit. The search timeout will be retrieved from NonStopConfigurationRegistry. If the search timeout was not set in NonStopConfigurationRegistry, it will be retrieved from ehcache configurration (such as ehcache.xml). If the search timeout was not set in ehcache configuration, the default search timeout will be used.
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