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Javadoc fixes in preparation of Java 8 compile compatibility

* fixed few warning level javadoc plugin issues

* fixes all error level javadoc plugin issues

* had to add hibernate dep. to the javadoc plugin

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TAB-5767, TAB-5135, TAB-5531: fixes and perf improvements
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TAB-5024 merge rev 9290 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x
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TAB-4720: fix invalid Management Agent unregistration from the TSA agent when the 1st created cache manager gets shut down
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fix test by reporting correct TSA-bridged properties
TAB-4715 : merging EhcacheRequestValidatorV2 and EhcacheRequestValidator into a smart EhcacheRequestValidator that can handle both versions
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TAB-4561 : finishing fixing versioned Mbeans, as a followup to Gary's rev 9032
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TAB-4561 : adding new modules to ehcache to support versioned rest API, updated to support ee module
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