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Javadoc fixes in preparation of Java 8 compile compatibility

* fixed few warning level javadoc plugin issues

* fixes all error level javadoc plugin issues

* had to add hibernate dep. to the javadoc plugin

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TAB-6095: suspend NonStop when updating cache attributes
Reverted r9801
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Cleanup for r9801
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TABQA-7525: fix NPE
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TAB-5767, TAB-5135, TAB-5531: fixes and perf improvements
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TAB-5135: Reverting changes
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TAB-5135 : Relevant changes plus management core updates
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[TAB-4789] DfltSamplerRepositoryServiceV2: Fix memory leak
TAB-5142 : use CopyOnWriteArraySet for listeners, since one can be added while we iterate through the set
TAB-5075 : merge from 2.9.x
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TAB-5075 : merge from 2.9.x
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TAB-5077 : merge from 2.9.x
Make it possible to disable/enable all the caches in a CacheManager with one request.

TAB-5077 : merged from 2.9.x
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TAB-5024 merge rev 9290 from branches/ehcache-2.9.x
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Fix CacheManager Configuration to ensure "Input" values match numeric ones at notification time.

Fix management agent CacheManager Configuration listener to use correct attribute names.

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TAB-4997 : merge from 2.9.x
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TAB-4901 : bumping management version + adapting to new management common resources
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FIXTESTS : follow up to Gary s commit 9144 : we now need to explicitely specify all contraint attributes, since there are few default constraint attributes now
Removed tech debt associated with minimizing size of REST entities by tagging certain

methods in Cache{Manager}Sampler with the @ManagementAttribute annotation.

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Revert change 9122
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Register a RemoteAgentEnpoint for each CacheManager
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Special case the badly-named Cache attribute 'Disabled' to convert it to the standard 'Enabled.'

Add CacheManager Configuration change listener.

Fixup Cache change listener attribute names to match REST attribute names.

Remove stats from entities when no attributes are specified (hack) to reduce response sizes.

TAB-4720: fix invalid Management Agent unregistration from the TSA agent when the 1st created cache manager gets shut down
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TABQA-7431: fix event registration in nonstop caches
TABQA-7431: fix NPE in register() + add generics to ResponseEntityV2
TAB-4715 : merging EhcacheRequestValidatorV2 and EhcacheRequestValidator into a smart EhcacheRequestValidator that can handle both versions
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TAB-4715 : fixing jax rs classes scanning test : since we ignore everything jersey related, but, we manually add SseFeature, the tests thought that this class was not found on the classpath. Adding an exception to the rule for SseFeature