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TABINF-4041: Branching for October2015 release
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TABQA-7511 Fix test failing with classpath issue following clean up in dependencies
TABQA-7511 More fix to rest tests that have ordering issue with Java 8
TABQA-7511 Fix rest test that had ordering issue with Java 8
Exclude databind from restassured's transitive deps so we get the right version

TABQA-7511 Bump osgi-test-tool version to fix profile related (and mysterious) issue

Having fullmode activated through maven settings.xml was causing tests to fail

TABQA-7511 Test fix for Java 8 compat
TABQA-7511 Bump osgi-test-utils version for Java 8 compatibility
Silence as much as possible update checks from our tests
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Wait for transaction completion here to fix test race.
TABINF-3995 Remove container-test-framework version definition
FIX : rootRepresentables for an ehcache agent is no longer empty, instead it should provide the ClientUUIDs used to retrieve the tookit used
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test fix
use group port to fetch configuration, not management port
fixed missing slf4j bundle
missing annotation
fixed osgi tests after upgrading to slf4j 1.7.7
TABQA-7401 : relying on latest versions
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Fix tests
TABINF-3917 / TABINF-3918 : committing branches for 4.2 / ehcache-2.9.x and corresponding updates to trunk.
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TAB-4778 : remove property that controls CAS on eventual caches
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TABQA-7428: fix xml parsing
TABQA-7428: fix xml parsing
TABQA-7428: fix wrong port
TABQA-7428: fix wrong port
TAB-4715 : adding missing deps
use latest
TABQA-7297 Add extra logging at test end

Replace barrier field with waitForAllClient()

Fixing mnk6104
Oops, unused import now.