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TAB-7219 / TAB-7773: fix race condition that can lead to reading a null cache manager name which would lead to a NPE during rejoin
Javadoc fixes in preparation of Java 8 compile compatibility

* fixed few warning level javadoc plugin issues

* fixes all error level javadoc plugin issues

* had to add hibernate dep. to the javadoc plugin

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TAB-7244: Fix key ClassNotFound exception thrown when WAN replication is enabled with user defined key class used in search attribute
TAB-7219: fix race condition that can lead to reading a null cache manager which would abort the rejoin process
TAB-7121 Remove node locks taken for dead nodes during rejoin (Merged from ehcache-core-ee-2.8.x)

Ensures that locks taken for dead nodes while recovering pending async

writes during rejoin processing are properly released after recovery is

complete. [from revisions 48925, 10484]

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TAB-5659: Exception during IS Shutdown - net.sf.ehcache.terracotta.TerracottaNotRunningException
TAB-5489: Adding orchestrator role and replication mode to the clustered REST API response
[TAB-5325] - Adding new method addCurrentOrchestrator to add orchestrator name in cluster config map
[TAB-5276] Changing clustered-entity-management version to 0.10.0
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TAB-5229 : Fixing system test failure
TAB-4722 : [IS Regression] Ehcache logging is too verbose during Integration Server startup
TAB-4778 : remove property that controls CAS on eventual caches
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TAB-4553: wire CacheManager.sendManagementEvent() to the toolkit's management event API
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TAB-4624: tunneled WAN rest agent mbeans
TAB-4496: GetAllVersioned support for WAN
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TABQA-7316: fix NPE in findSoftLockById() and made interface's javadoc clear that null is a valid return value
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TAB-4371. Added platform support for unidirectional WAN replication.
CRQ-213: Handle some review comments.
CRQ-320: set serialVersionUID to fulfill upgradability
CRQ-320: improve local tx commit performance
Fix unlimited maxEntriesInCache and handling frozen CacheConfiguration
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Need to explicitly set 0's for expiration.
Handle the case of the empty toolkit cache configuration.
CRQ-213: Add option for allowing server cache settings to override client cache settings.
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changes for DEV-6441
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ENG-1033: Support immediate nonstop timeout for the case when no orchestrator is around.
eng-1022 avoid NPE
DEV-7163 Log client configuration when creating clustered cache