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moved into a project to avoid checking out all sub projects just to publish the parent pom
DEV-8133: add tc checkstyle props for ehcache-parent

Revert unintentional changes.
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Update trunk versions for Gladstone.
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renamed profile
skip buildinfo goal also
no exclusion yet
update versions and cleanup unused plugins
Create ehcache-parent 2.3 release version.

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don't force unique version
clean up
cleanup and use up-to-date versions, by default deploy to terracotta repos
update findbugs plugin version, removed unused settings
Remove the jcache module. This has been moved to https://github.com/jsr107/ehcache-jcache as part of JSR107
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configured pmd plugin
configured pmd plugin
Specify version of gpg plugin.

new vesion of parent that include findbugs plugin
revert 3137 - forgot that ehcache parent artifact has a non-snapshot version
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Upgraded all ehcache projects to use checkstyle plugin version 2.6 to enable building with Maven 3
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Removed duplicate dependencies.

Include SCM URL as required by Maven Central policy.
Updated distributionManagement to use new Sonatype staging process.

Introduced sign-artifacts profile into ehcache-parent and incremented version to 2.1.

merge hibernate_33_api branch into trunk
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Update site for 1.7.1 releaes
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Initial svn import of GAE contribution from Cedric Lime
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Change 2.0-SNAPSHOT to 2.0. This is a parent pom that is used to inherit config. Changing to 2.0 to simplify beta release
Fix broken links in ehcache.org
Update URL for fisheye