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Added statistics attribute to ehcache.xml. Was added in ehcache 2.0 but was not properly documented.
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private branch : fix small bug in Segment, fix most of the disk tests, fix eviction in disk overflow
fixed changelog
private branch : didn't intend to comment this out
private branch : fix some of the overflow to disk tests
delay update check to 1s and set connect timeout
added JTA Hibernate cache regions
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private branch : add skeleton of disk persistent stuff
Added @Ignore broken test failing on EHC-666. Versioning is not preserved and should be
remove change not part of 2.0.1
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fixed changelog
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Pleasing checkstyle
EHC-628 Added copyOnRead and copyOnWrite to CompoundStore
fixed 4 tests failing on Tomcat but not Jetty:





Add DiskStorePerformance test
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Add DiskStorePerformance test
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update class diagrams
copy javadoc to apidocs
private branch : memory store test fixes
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Grails update
EHC-234 Added CacheManager.addCacheIfAbsent(Ehcache): Ehcache and .addCacheIfAbsent(String): Ehcache - not quite the CHM.putIfAbsent() contract though due to CacheManager's null handlings
EHC-234 Removed races in maintaining (Eh|C)ache references in CacheManager and slightly tighten the replaceCacheWithDecoratedCache contract
sync from trunk
Updated changelogs with 2.0.1 changes
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private branch : yet more checkstyle fixes and javadoc
merge from trunk
private branch : first set of checkstyle changes
EHC-647 : add minimal puts change to changes.xml
merge from trunk