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Clean up web module: svnignore, delete unused directories and set license back to Apache 2
updted Date and Description for Ehcache 2.1.0-beta
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EHC-693: Added Atomikos version dependency information
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Checkstyle fix

added STATUS_MARKED_ROLLBACK check to prevent further usage of a cache in a failed transaction
close stream properly
Add convenience batch file for building the site
changed timeoutBehaviour to timeoutBehavior
Fix broken JIRA link.
Fix broken link
Site changes
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Fix broken link.
add unit test for NonStopCacheConfig

timeouts can now be controlled by the TM
EHC-660 Not really sure what the intent here was... Leaving untouched for now
EHC-660 Missed that SingletonEhCacheProvider also can load from url
fixed a bug that littered user.home with test data
Bolding/highlighting for titles in bubbles. (CSS and XHTML crucial! make note of the <span> tags used)
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APIs caption is more profound. Tabs can now handle varying text length better. Editions fading has been completely re-written to have robustness in mind and as such no text is overlapping.
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EHC-660 Also added loading from URL in the Hibernate's deprecated CacheProvider
EHC-660 Adapted changes.xml
EHC-660 Enabled loading ehcache config from url
throw unique subclass of timeoutException when task was not scheduled at all, add unit test

EHC-673 : make changes to documentation and config to match new default for statistics
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fix up quiet and statistics updates

refactor tests a bit

2.1.0-beta and Marquee update
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fix eclipse warning, remove unused import

enable checkstyle at install phase, fix checkstyle issues

add javadoc to UnlockedReadsView