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DEV-3991: fix GzipFilterTest for weblogic
more brain bending stuff with Ludovic
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merge from feature branche - add nonstop in cache config

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fix tests

merge from trunk

Transactions docs with Ludovic
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implement methods

clean up a little language that relates to [removed] includeValues()

add test for new nonstop + some fixes

merge from trunk

add ignore for eclipse files

fix test

fix test

check null

implement nonstop store

commented out sentence fragment and removed new_in_2 since it's currently broken
change to executeSearchAndRemove
pvt branch: more config changes

fix checkstyle

Per Greg's request, revert the groups feature to place it in a branch
Updated JRuby documentation to reflect recent changes.

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Add groups feature, based on an initial patch from Andrew Liles.

Still missing is a lister for elements expiry cleanup

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add support for config + tests

fixed memory leak which can happen when soft locks are expired
fixed isolation bug happening when getKeys() is called and the store contains expired soft locks
fixed bug when iterator can point to a removed key when it only contains removed keys
change Query.add() to addCriteria()

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create branch for nonstop work

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remove obsolete branches

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more review comments