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Update docs
merge rev-3606 from trunk

DEV-5378: set defaults - nonstop, rejoin off, strong consistency

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Document that toc does not work with confluence source
Updated ExplicitLocking. Got Confluence format working
  1. /trunk/core/src/site/confluence/documentation
Added PDF for old version of Ehcache
Enable generation of documentation as a PDF which now gets done in the pre-site phase.
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merge 3600 from 2.4.x

add linebreak

merge 3598 from 2.4.x

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some search doc stuff

merge 3596 from trunk

document noop and localReads timeout behavior of search

fix checkstyle errors
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use new AATreeSet impl
fixed DEV-5355: clearing a transactional cache via JMX now works
fixed bug where putWithWriter removeWithWriter weren't allowed to update another resource participating in the same transaction in xa mode
hardened transaction callbacks
merge rev-3589 from trunk

fix test - default storageStrategy test

return empty results instead of null for non-stop query timeouts

MNK-2187: fixed race condition in test
MNK-2187: fixed race condition in test
MNK-2187: fixed race condition in test
merge rev-3583 from trunk

DEV-5363: set default to dcv2

updated error messages to reflect store name in config
Changed over to pure Maven for site and book generation. This means that anyone can generate these without anything special installed.
merge rev-3579 from trunk

make setNodeBulkLoadEnabled() use bulkOps timeout (10x the normal)

instantiate mbeanRegistrationProvider before initializing caches

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