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Further tweaks
Add advice on turning off automatic indexing for keys and values where types are hetergeneous.
Add notes
updated coherent->consistency
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Full first design of memory based tuning and cache warming.
Docs update for Freo
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Doc changes to Nonstop, Reconnect and Rejoin after review with Steve and Saro.
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Added two videos and sample app
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Terracotta docs reorganisation. Draft of Freo specific stuff
Add advice re network search
merge 3803 from 2.4.1-rc
merge 3803 from 2.4.1-rc
place holder
minor fixes to cachewriter comments
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ordered lock acquire/release code no longer needed - removing it
Ehcache memory based tuning config.
next SNAPSHOT version
RC branch for 2.4.1
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test fix : merge 3794 from trunk
test fix : merge 3794 from trunk
test fix : allow some tolerance on write-behind timings
Remove non-printing characters from build.xml which were screwing up Apple's new Ant 1.8.2
E-commerce catalogue
E-commerce. Immutable data.
Financial order processing. Add CAS.
Fix doco bug.
findbugs fixes
fix checkstyle, and let it win in the fight with findbugs for the moment
findbugs fixes