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Config refinements. Add maxElementsInCache and localCacheEnabled
fixed version issues in dist. cache section of cf doc, as well as a number of minor typos
added GA news item
Tag ehcache-core-2.4.1

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use specific version of war plugin

merge 3820 from trunk
merge 3820 from trunk
DEV-5588: Added 3.4.1 info to file
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Spring doc, linkage example and refinements
Fix broken URL
minor typo fix
Move 2.5 configuration changes into standard config page. Finish off memory based tuning design. Remove unneeded ant task.
Further tweaks
Add advice on turning off automatic indexing for keys and values where types are hetergeneous.
Add notes
updated coherent->consistency
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Full first design of memory based tuning and cache warming.
Docs update for Freo
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Doc changes to Nonstop, Reconnect and Rejoin after review with Steve and Saro.
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Added two videos and sample app
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Terracotta docs reorganisation. Draft of Freo specific stuff
Add advice re network search
merge 3803 from 2.4.1-rc
merge 3803 from 2.4.1-rc
place holder
minor fixes to cachewriter comments
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ordered lock acquire/release code no longer needed - removing it
Ehcache memory based tuning config.
next SNAPSHOT version