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Jrocket slow. Add to faq
Add license instructions to doc.
merge 3844

fixes for DEV-5628

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fixed link to
fixed typo
fixed broken link to forge
fixed bad link to rails project
minor editing
update xsd - nonstop is enabled by default if the element is present

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refactored sentences that talked about 'incoherent'
fixed link in unlocked_reads
EHC-845 : merge 3832 from trunk
revert presumed accidental check-in to ehcache web module
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on-heap implementation
EHC-845 : fix return value for putWithWriter in CompoundStore
cache manager memory pools branch

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removed bad branch
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  1. … 1915 more files in changeset.
new cache manager memory pools branch

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Remove the jcache module. This has been moved to as part of JSR107
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Config refinements. Add maxElementsInCache and localCacheEnabled
fixed version issues in dist. cache section of cf doc, as well as a number of minor typos
added GA news item
Tag ehcache-core-2.4.1

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use specific version of war plugin

merge 3820 from trunk
merge 3820 from trunk
DEV-5588: Added 3.4.1 info to file
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Spring doc, linkage example and refinements
Fix broken URL