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Doc changes
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CacheManagerEventListener now receive a reference to the cache manager
added info on rejoin event
Fix log statement
fix for doc-906
dev-5811, 3.5.2, InvalidConfigurationException for high concurrency
Fix SchemaValidationTest since no one else seems interesting in doing it

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merge latest changes from trunk
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fix checkstyle
dev-5811, InvalidConfigurationException for high concurrency value if not specified in
fixed doc-892
forgot to plug in disk sizeOf engine
fixing checkStyle errors
DEV-5372, merging rev 3701 from trunk
making storageStrategy default value DCV2
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initial import
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  1. /trunk/memcached/src/main/java/net/sf/ehcache
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memcached integration folder

fixed error where timeoutBehavior was still shown as an attribute instead of a sub-element with a 'type' attribute
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Merged JRuby/Rails doc changes from trunk.

Updated JRuby/Rails documentation for latest jruby-ehcache gem release.

fixed some errors; rewrote question dealing with eviction, dcv2, and related
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lowered profile of synchronousWrites
fix checkstyle errors
fixed EHC-852: open-source disk persistent and overflow mode correctly pin softlocks in memory
Fixed the doc for CacheEventListenerFactoryConfiguration.
changed on-heap cross-cache evictor to largest cache eviction
DEV-5692 Wired SizeOf lib and DefaultSizeOfEngine (still has some weirdness though)
cleaned up tests
fixed testReplace*
merge 3941 from trunk