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Doc tuning
notify evict only if remove was successfully

DOC-964 Added doc on sizing
DEV-5857: implemented openjpa pinning
DEV-5857: implemented openjpa pinning
DEV-5951: sizeof-agent.jar does not need to be on the system classpath anymore
DEV-5951: sizeof-agent.jar does not need to be on the system classpath anymore
MNK-2639 Pleasing checkstyle and writing ugly code... Leaving that as such, until Gary reviews his change
MNK-2639 Fixed offHeap miss stats
MNK-2645 Fixed inMem miss stats
EHC-414 : modification of checkstyle rules inline with received feedback
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Changed CacheConfiguration ctor-arg/field to maxEntriesLocalHeap from maxElementsInMemory.

Added getConfig* accessors to new pool values in SampledCacheMBean.

Some CheckStyling... more needed.

Reworked how hit/miss stats are determine in Cache.searchInStoreWithStats.

Exposed more stats in SampledCache{Manager}MBean.

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edits to help apt->markdown
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fix configuration file reference
disk pool doesn't need a default sizeof engine
fixed DEV-5950: sizeof agent can now be configured on the command line + detected sizeof engine is now logged
minor editing to help apt->md migration
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MNK-2631 : merge 4363 from trunk
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MNK-2631 : perf tests can have more than 64Mb of heap
MNK-2627 : publish the endpoint in the test thread so we can see it fail (if it does)
MNK-2632 : merge 4360 from trunk
MNK-2632 : allow validation of multiple caches when waiting for peer counts
EHC-865 Fixing checkstyle
EHC-865 Made CacheLoaders work with transactional caches
fixed DEV-5705: replace() methods now always appear atomic even if pool is at capacity
fixed DEV-5956
changes to support apt->markdown
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MNK-2622 : merge 4353 from trunk
MNK-2622 : fix test to use RetryAssert.assertBy