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Record perf test runs
applied EHCWEB-1 patch so the monkeys can have a go
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MNK-2319 : merge 4507 from trunk
MNK-2319 - run finalizers here as well - and thrash a little harder on the gc to shrink the heap
MNK-2764 : add test to ensure generated configurations are parseable
DEV-6023 Make sure tier isn't pinned before removing. A pinned tier should still let lower tier evict though ... This will have to change probably still, as nested FrontEndCacheTier won't be able to know whether to remove of not.
DEV-6023 First attempt, with support for OnHeapFrontedOffHeapStore
tc event replicator should be excluded here too
DEV-6056: don't allow commas in CacheManager or Cache ObjectNames.

MNK-2764 : don't output attributes with default values - correct default value of maxMemoryOffHeap
take ehcache-1.2.3 out of test classpath (makes debugging in eclipse impossible)

avoid "dead code" warning in eclipse

remove some suppress warnings that are not required

removed unused imports (and let eclipse save actions tinker a bit too)

fix compile error with imports

minor perf optimization
DEV-6001 looks like some deprecated methods were still around. Temporary un-deprecating
removed memcached adapter from the list of first class modules

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INT-1329: Updated version
Tag ehcache-core-2.4.4 from ehcache-core-2.4.4-rc branch
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Delete ehcache-core-2.4.4 tag to retag.
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Tag ehcache-core-2.4.4
DEV-6060 : disable element pinning in local heap when offheap is present
Create ehcache-core-2.4.4-rc branch.
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merge 4483 from 2.4.x

pass dummy element to LiveCacheStatistics listeners since they don't

need a real element and we have no idea what loader to use for

resolving elements to pass to them anyway

merge 4481 from 2.4.x branch (CDV-1593)

add callback thingy to gets events resolved in the listeners loader (CDV-1593)