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Clarify maxEntriesLocalHeap
fixed wrong groupId
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
new parent
used new parent
update findbugs plugin version, removed unused settings
removed unused property
EHC-856: changes for Maven 3 compatibility. Added profile 'site' to do antrun stuff during site building
Use constants defined in parent class
another checkstyle fix (having a bad check-style morning)
removing test main() method that I should have removed before checking in!
DEV-6063 : Test SizeOf on different JVMs - sizeof now working for IBM 64-bit JVM with and without reference compression.
DEV-6023 Removed FrontEndCacheTier.isEvictionCandidate and moved logic to appropriate places, using the RegisteredEventListener.getFrontEndCacheTier - still ugly, but somewhat less...
MNK-2733 Elements that can't be written to disk will be evicted from the FrontEndCacheTier's cached and an eviction notification will be fired
MNK-2792 Added test and proper check for letting someone set both maxBytes & maxEntries on a tier, when the config isn't being used by a running cache
MNK-2792 Only test for maxSize/maxEntries mixes when the configuration is setup
DEV-6094 : ensure all StripedReadWriteLock instances are also CacheLockProviders
more fixes for jrockit sizeof testing.
DEV-6054 Auto overflow to lower tier also when a maxSize for that tier is configured at the cache level
Make sure you can't switch from size-based to count-based, or the other way
EHC-875 Check whether a defaultCache is present before checking whether it is clustered