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MNK-4378 add logging
Gautam made me do it
Branch for Vicente FCS.
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MNK-4420 increase limits so that elements are not evicted
add a case for NODE_ERROR

DEV-8467 : fix some stuff
simple quartz osgi test
DEV-9045 : update some of the statistics context queries
DEV-9006 : clarify javadoc regarding current behavior when maxEntriesInCache == 0
DEV-8467 This is more correct I think... or not
DEV-8467 The recalculation business happening in the CHMv8 can actually delete negative values, should it loose the racy size update
placing all write-behind tests at one place and adding cache.dispose() for dev-8361
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toolkit osgi test
clustered ehcache osgi test
DEV-8467 Way less FrontEndCacheTier
DEV-8467 Way less FrontEndCacheTier
DEV-8467 A little less FrontEndCacheTier
Mnk-4407: Enabling debug logging
MNK-4406 : mirror changes in offheap ARC code and renable accidentally disabled test
DEV-8893 Limit noisy warning on removeAll to INCACHE pinning configuration
use license key intead of bundle
xa tests
DEV-8946. Default value for maxTotalCount is now -1. Documentation and tests updated.
MNK-4394 Assertion ranges changed to reflect new eviction policies
EHC-986 Warning when a lower tier has a size inferior to an upper tier
turn off verbose logging
expose more packages
expose more packages