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Merge fix for DEV-9623
DEV-9623 use putNoReturn instead of put
fixed test for jboss and weblogic
fixed test for jboss and weblogic
merge 7452 from trunk
fixed test to be aware of devmode
merge 7450 from trunk
restore accidentally deleted method needed by quartz integration
DEV-9403: Merged r7448

DEV-9403: Add a util to destroy clustered caches.
merged from trunk
DEV-9443 : Cache and CacheManager ConfigEntity refactoring

* removing ConfigContainerEntity to directly access the ConfigEntity classes (without wrapping them)

* allows each of the configuration element to provide their own agentId and version, useful for aggregation too

DEV-9195 ING-1 merge 7444 from trunk
DEV-9195 ING-1 Remove ordered listener from hasCacheEventListeners and from being accounted as CacheReplicator
Merged r7442

Extend timebombs a bit
DEV-9195 ING-1 merge 7437, 7438, 7439 from trunk
DEV-8648 API-14 Merge from 7435
  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
DEV-9195 ING-1 Split listener hierarchy - contract is different enough to not want common parts
DEV-9195 ING-1 ordered event listener for DiskStore
DEV-9195 ING-1 test for SelectableConcurrentHashMap and ordered notifications
DEV-8648 Typo.
DEV-8648 API-14 Add Nonstop and rejoin statistics to cache statistics. This adds statistics which track cluster online, offline and rejoin events for the cache, the most recent rejoin time, and the success, failure, timeout or rejoin timeout of all nonstop operations.
EHC-1004 Merged r7433 from trunk
EHC-1004 Properly clearing faulted bit when flushing DiskStore, also proper CacheStore.removeAll() impl.
EHC-1025 merge 7430, 7431 from trunk
EHC-1025 maxBytesLocalOffHeap: add javadoc to indicate static config element
EHC-1025 maxBytesLocalHeap, maxBytesLocalDisk: document dynamic aspect in javadoc, check config frozen when called