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ENG-605 bump up toolkit-api-internal version to 1.9
upped version of clustered-entity-management to trunk; removed deleteCache
Merged r8436

Added some missing cleanup (and test for it)
DOC-1474 Elaborate javadoc for statisics latency.
ENG-6: Merged r8433

  1. … 8 more files in changeset.
ENG-6: Lazify ToolkitCacheListener registration from ehcache

  1. … 3 more files in changeset.
INT-2779: Creating ehcache-os 2.7.4 patch branch.

  1. … 2114 more files in changeset.
make entity management layer honor non-stop at startup
branching for dev-week
  1. … 2218 more files in changeset.
cut out some dead code for custom/DSO mode
ENG-590 Integration test for clustered cache manager destroy
ENG-441 Add property to allow CAS operations in eventual mode
ENG-495 Add catch block as rejoin handling still to be implemented
DEV-9368: ignore test until it is rewritten
MNK-5758: fix trylock / unlock race condition
minor changes in tests
avoid NPE for cases we do not init clusteredCacheManagerEntity
ENG-591 Clean up create / locking logic around clustered entities
ENG-589 Initial integration test for clustered cache destroy
MNK-5498 Clean up CacheManager setup
minor pom change
ENG-482 ENG-483 ENG-502 ENG-503 Reintegrate ehcache-listing-destroy branch
  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
ENG-482 ENG-483 ENG-502 ENG-503 Depend on released version of clustered-entity-management
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merge from trunk up to r8412
ENG-423: backport fix from trunk
MNK-5749: LocalHeapSizeInBytes cannot be relied upon for this test as it is forced to 0 for count-based caches
ENG-488 Fix unit test that was triggering added exception