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CRQ-302 Walk left instead of giving up... required when hashes are colliding
fix test. added missing @Test !
fix test
pull from trunk
  1. … 7 more files in changeset.
first pass at complete dev-6441 changes
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MNK-6074 Merge of r8753.

MNK-6074 Merge of 8763

MNK-6074 Be less clever in terms of timing and timeouts. The world is not that predictable.
ENG-970 Remove duplicate code - thanks checkstyle for once
ENG-970 Refactor enum to reduce amount of code

Dropped variations that were not meaningful for JRockit 64 bits

ENG-970 merge rev 8748, 8749 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
ENG-970 Add OpenJDK detection in JvmInformation

Add required data structures for SizeOf tests

ENG-970 Fix Hotspot 32bit + CMS combination in JVM detection
CRQ-302 Merged r8745 from trunk
CRQ-302 Merged r8745 from trunk
CRQ-302 Though not related to that issues per se, running the test case unclustered, returning this null there showed to be non-sensible... this is... I think, until proven wrong
INT-2919 merge rev 8743 from trunk
INT-2919 No longer activate system-tests module in check-short
Update to depend on statistics-1.0.2

Tag ehcache-2.7.6 from 4.0.6-rc branch
Delete ehcache-2.7.6 tag to retag.
merge of change 8654 from trunk for ENG-997
MNK-6035 Merge revision 8736 from trunk
MNK-6035 Merge revision 8736 from trunk
MNK-6035 Make sure nothing else can expire in this test

Reduce sleep time

MNK-5994 Let's add the windage after the max call for clarity.
MNK-5994 Tweak formatting.
MNK-5994 Looks like it can take an overly long time to start the Quartz scheduler on the new monkeys. Increase wait time to 15 seconds.
MNK-6041: Merged r8730

MNK-6041: Merged r8730