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TAB-4715 : merging EhcacheRequestValidatorV2 and EhcacheRequestValidator into a smart EhcacheRequestValidator that can handle both versions
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TAB-4715 : fixing /configs resources
TAB-4715 : fixing matrixParams
TAB-4715 : fixing /configs resources
TAB-4715 : adding missing deps
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TAB-4715 : fixing jax rs classes scanning test : since we ignore everything jersey related, but, we manually add SseFeature, the tests thought that this class was not found on the classpath. Adding an exception to the rule for SseFeature
EHC-1079 reformating to match style
EHC-1079 Fix to MemoryStore to not block on trying to evict an element, otherwise leads to deadlocks when using explicit locks and ARC pools
TAB-4715 : adding exceptionEntites to V2 messages
TAB-4713 : attaching listeners to cachesfor SSE
TAB-4553: notifications have to be forwarded between TSA nodes
TAB-4713 : moving events resources to management-common, for re use in ehcache and the tsa
TAB-4553: wire CacheManager.sendManagementEvent() to the toolkit's management event API
use latest
TAB-4713 : beginning wiring cache manager events - fixing a system test
TAB-4713 : beginning wiring cache manager events - partial commit, to kickstart Ludovic with the toolkit liaison
TAB-4713 : fixing an existing unit test
Tag ehcache-2.8.4 from 4.1.4-rc branch
TABINF-3901 : committing branches for 4.1.4-rc and corresponding updates to 4.1.x.
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commented this out cause it's not meant to be this way
TAB-4713 : adding SSE
TABINF-3880 TABINF-3883 merge rev 9024 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
TABINF-3883 merge rev 9047 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
TABINF-3883 Fix deployment issue to Sonatype/Maven central

Declare deploy-sonatype profile

more package for osgi
TAB-4624: tunneled WAN rest agent mbeans
TABINF-3883 merge rev 9025 from branches/ehcache-2.8.x
TAB-4485 : getting rid of the xml content type for configs, simplying a lot the config entities
TAB-4561 : removing old management modules not being used anymore
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TAB-4485 : make JerseyApplicationTestCommon common to all modules, for the Jersey resources classpath scanning tests. That means removing ApplicationEhCacheTestCommon from management-ehcache-common