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Delete quartz-2.1.5 to retag.

merge 2038

merge 2038

fix signature

Quartz 2.1.5 release.

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ee forced changes in os
merge 2026, 2027, 2028

merge -r 2030:2032 from 2.1.x
fixed wrong stub API
missing throws exception
fixed stub class OracleDelegate API, types different leading to runtime method not found
revert 2029
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put back dependencies on oracle and weblogic artifacts
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QTZ-289 : Bug in HSQLDB scripts - recent change to VARBINARY(16K) does not seems to be valid
QTZ-288 : SQL For Aquiring Triggers to Fire has Typo - Resulting in Job Recovery failing and other problems with Misfires
remove system.out that should never have been checked in.
DEV-7222 Using proper JobDataMap when recovering, slightly modified RecoveryTest to make sure the key in the original JDM is present in the new one
stay aligned with vicente versions of things
upgrade to next version of parent
DEV-7195 Refactored recoveryTrigger creation to dedicated method
remove compilation error
QRZ-267 : Add new Scheduler method: scheduleJob(JobDetail job, Set<Trigger> trigger) to schedule multiple triggers for a job all at once.

added the new method, implementing it in QuartzScheduler

QRZ-292 : Scheduler interface : in the method scheduleJobs , the triggers should be part of a Set instead of a List

Replaced List with Set in JobStore and Scheduler interfaces and classes

never use put, use putNoReturn
Delete RC branch.

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QTZ-285 : Semaphore interface methods do not require a Connection parameter, except obtainLockand removal from the interface of isLockOwner; for locking clarity sake
many triggers test
tc config url thingy
basic test