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Added couple re-usable base classes for building easy integration tests with In-Memory and Database Schedulers.
Tag quartz-2.2.1 from 2.2.1-rc branch
Delete quartz-2.2.1 tag to retag.
MNK-5512 : try and be nice to derby - don't shutdown derby until the job thread has terminated
Make sure we set the job factory before we start the scheduler
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merge 2371 from trunk
merge 2371 from trunk
merge 2371 from trunk
Tag quartz-2.2.1 from 2.2.1-rc branch
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ENG-96 Protect against premature shutdown by ignoring pause before initialization
ENG-96 Make sure exception during shutdown after failed instantiation do not hide original exception
qtz-387 : use "ENGINE=InnoDB" rather than deprecated "TYPE=InnoDB"
ENG-5 : punctuation problem in error message.
QTZ-386 Internal logic to detect during trigger loading it being deleted concurrently
QTZ-395 Copy constructor now preserves TimeZone
ENG-54 : final rejoin changes - add constant for rejoin prop, remove warning, and force sync-write to true when rejoin is enabled
QTZ-385 : add test coverage
QTZ-326: Ensure we re-throw exception if it's not the case of no class found.
QTZ-326: Fixed xml directives for job override and dup flag to process when existing job class is no longer exist.
QTZ-382 : add unit test for UpdateLockRowSemaphore
ENG-54 : enable quartz rejoin tests, ensure correct behavior around blocked jobs when recovering triggers
Fixed QTZ-353: Added missing test config xml file.
Fixed QTZ-353: this is fixed indirectly by QTZ-326 now. Added new unit test to cover the case.
Fixed QTZ-326: be able to remove trigger even if jobClass is no longer exists.
use release version
not all JDKs do equality comparison in the same order
QTZ-385 : ensure scheduler thread is shutdown before shutting down thread pool
QTZ-382 : fix and refactor UpdateRowLockSemaphore