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merge 2371 from trunk
Tag quartz-1.8.6

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merger 1799

fork always
QTZ-231: improve dbFailureRetry validation.
Backport for QTZ-231 fixes.
merge 1714

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merge 1709
quartz-1.8.x: QTZ-194 back ported fix for r1634 that use ThreadExecutor for MisfireHandler and ClusterManager
Improved pom to use m2e eclipse plugin (exclude rmic goal.)
quartz-1.8.x: QTZ-198 - improved testing libraries in pom.xml.
Ported QTZ-205 fixes from 2.0.x branch.
Fixed QTZ-146 and backported fixes from 2.0 to 1.8 for QTZ-185 and QTZ-187
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avoid exception if listener class does not have a setName() method.
implemented QTZ-113: jobs can now execute on commonj work manager
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QTZ-174 : Race condition during shutdown of Quartz within JDBCJobStore's misfire handling thread.
QTZ-137 : XMLSchedulingDataProcessorPlugin initialization fails if job initializer file initially does not exist and file scanning has been enabled
QTZ-165: NPE in when "org.quartz.jobStore.driverDelegateClass" property not specified
merge 1524 from trunk
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merge 1518 from trunk
QTZ-151: Automatically set proper selectWithLockSQL statement when MSSQLDelegate is selected.
add SystemPropertyInstanceIdGenerator into the 1.8.x code line.
QTZ-135: Scheduler server's RMI binding name in registry is removed unexpectly

Merge of change 1444 from trunk.

QTZ-118: UpdateChecker *always* creates background even if "skip" system property is set.
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QTZ-47 merge 1229 from trunk